ALTI series

Pure sound, hanging around.

These revolutionary two-way pendant loudspeakers with excellent off-axis performance are designed for background and foreground music applications with open architectures and high ceilings.

  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
  • ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5


2-way 6.5" pendant speaker
  • Ceiling suspension
  • Innovative & unique design
  • Wide opening angle
  • Dual Gripple™ locking system
  • Suspension cable with dual steel core
  • Ceiling cable cover
  • Rotary switch for 15W, 30W, 60W and 16 Ohm tappings
5 years
16 Ohm
70-100 V
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"Pure sound, hanging around."

The ALTI6 is a 2-way pendant loudspeaker featuring a 6.5” driver combination with a coaxially mounted 1” soft dome tweeter and is fitted with a phase plug for excellent off-axis performance.

The 2-way combination with a high-quality polypropylene enclosure and acoustic engineering craftsmanship guarantees premium performance for demanding applications. A continuous power handling of 60 Watt (RMS) and maximum power handling of 120 Watt is achieved. Connections are made through a terminal block connector behind the rear cover, accompanied with a power tap selector switch for the tapping of a 70V/100V line transformer with tappings for 60W, 30W, 15W and a 16 Ohm bypass connection.

Mounting the speaker is done through a connection cable with two integrated steel cores for suspending with an additional drop safety. Fixation is made through two snap-hooks on one end and a dual Gripple™ fixation on the other end. The included cable length of 3.5 meters offers possibilities for a wide variety of ceiling heights. An innovatively designed rear cover of the speaker can be placed after installation and hides the connection and suspension on the speaker end. The ceiling end connections are covered through a cable cover.

Innovative rear cover
3.5m suspension cable with dual steel core
High-quality polypropylene enclosure
Rotary selector switch for tappings
Wide opening angle
Clear and true-to-nature audible music and speech
Dual Gripple™ locking system
2-way loudspeaker construction
ALTI6 - 2-way 6.5
Secure and fast mounting
Dual Gripple™ locking system

Secure and fast mounting

The ALTI series' connection cable, steel suspension and safety wire are all stored in one single outer jacket. Fixation is made through two snap hooks on one end and a Dual Gripple™ locking system on the other end. The included cable length of 3.5 meters offers possibilities for a wide variety of ceiling heights.

Wide opening angle
Exceptional dispersion

Wide opening angle

The wide opening angle of the speaker guarantees an exceptional dispersion in all different kinds of applications and locations with high ceilings and large open spaces. The carefully matched components and construction guarantee optimal coverage over the entire frequency range.

Fast and easy installation
SlideCap™ innovation

Fast and easy installation

An innovatively designed rear cover hides the connection and suspension on the speaker end. It can easily be attached and detached by sliding, even after installation. Leading to one neat and enclosed entity.

Plug-and-play multi-tapping
Easily customisable

Plug-and-play multi-tapping

A rotary selector switch located behind the rear cover selects the setting between low impedance and 70V/100V use, while adjustments in tappings are easily made, even after already installed and connected.

Moisture resistant driver
Suitable for outdoor applications

Moisture resistant driver

Thanks to a special coating applied to the drivers, the ALTI series are also suitable for use in applications with high levels of humidity such as outdoor terraces, bathrooms or many more!

Technical specifications

Available models
ALTI6/B Black version
ALTI6/W White version
System specifications
Speaker type 2-way coaxial
Peak power handling 240 W
Program power handling 120 W
RMS/AES power handling 60 W
Impedance 16 Ω
Line Transformer Tappings 1 83 Ω - 100 V / Not used - 70 V / 60 W
2 167 Ω - 100 V / 60 W - 70 V / 30 W
3 333 Ω - 100 V / 30 W - 70 V / 15 W
4 667 Ω - 100 V / 15 W - 70 V / 7.5 W
Dispersion Conical 115° (average 500 Hz to 5 kHz @ -6 dB)
Connectors 4-pin Euro Terminal Block
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 83 dB
Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) @ 16 Ω 101 dB
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 61.5 Hz - 20 kHz
Response (± 3 dB) 75 Hz - 17 kHz
Product Features
Dimensions 9.055 x 11.89 " (Ø x H)
Connection cable length 137.80 "
Construction Polypropylene
Front finish Aluminium grill
Mounting & handling Dual snap hook and dual Gripple™ hanger
Accessories Included Connection cable with dual steel core, snap hook & open ends – 3.5 meter
2 Gripple™ hangers
Weight 7.47 lb
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants
Sporting facilities


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