Volos, Greece

Magnes Hotel

The imposing and state-of-the-art MAGNES HOTEL, located in the heart of the city of Volos, just 2.6 km from the beach of Anavros, has already impressed both the residents of the city and the visitors of the prefecture of Magnesia. In its luxurious facilities, the guest can enjoy high-standard accommodation in its spacious and beautifully decorated rooms, relax in the wellness center or in the swimming pool and garden, or keep in shape in its state-of-the-art gym. Two meeting rooms will meet the business needs of the guests, while the restaurant "Elea", housed in a beautiful, comfortable and impeccably decorated space on the ground floor of the hotel, promises culinary delights from the Mediterranean cuisine and beyond

In order to enhance the hospitality experience for guests with the appropriate background music, Greek sound engineer Andreas Likakis, the proprietor of "Audio Box" company and executive of the Northern Greece sales department for "AUDIO & VISION," AUDAC's representative office in Greece, designed a complete sound installation with exclusively AUDAC products.

The common areas of the reception and wellness center, along with individual areas of the spa (massage, hydro, pilates & gym), were equipped with CIRA724 and CIRA824 ceiling loudspeakers respectively. The CIRA824 loudspeakers were chosen specifically for their ability to reproduce rich low frequencies, enhancing the audio experience in these spaces. Additionally, eight CIRA824 loudspeakers were installed in the conference rooms to ensure optimal sound quality during meetings and events. To cover the corridors leading to the rooms on all four floors of the hotel, 24 CIRA524 loudspeakers were strategically placed. These loudspeakers were selected to provide clear and balanced audio throughout the hotel, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

In the specially designed bar-restaurant area, the music playback is handled by the impressive ATEO6 Loudspeakers. For outdoor areas such as the poolside, eight ALTI6M loudspeakers were carefully positioned to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment while delivering high-quality audio. Driving these speakers are two SMQ350 amplifiers, loaded with the respective WavePresets for optimal sound distribution. Additionally, to ensure security, three SP202 and two SP22 loudspeakers were installed in the underground parking area.  

The entire system is intelligently managed by 14 sound zones through the highly flexible and user-friendly Audac Touch 2 software. This control is facilitated by the installation of two MTX88 8-zone sound matrixes, allowing for multiple settings and configurations. Moreover, the XMP44 modular player with four modules was installed for music reproduction, offering versatility and seamless integration. To enable on-site control of each sound zone, wall panels were installed for source selection (allowing choice between IMP, NMP, and FMP), volume control, and interconnection of external sound sources.

With the help of the AUDAC sound system, the Magnes Hotel has crafted a unique ambiance that beautifully complements its diverse amenities. This attention to detail has enhanced the overall guest experience, creating a memorable stay for every visitor.  

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