Beveren, Belgium

Sports hall Beveren

In Beveren, Belgium a completely new sports hall recently opened. Because this sports hall is also the new home of women's top volleyball club Asterix Avo, it contains 1.500 seats which is necessary for the strict European volleyball Guidelines. Asterix Avo is a Belgium women volleyball club who plays in the Belgians first league. They have won the Belgian cup already fifteen times and became champion in the premier league twelve times. Last season, the team finished first and that gave them the right to a European ticket. 

In the future Yellow Tigers, The Belgian national women volleyball team, also will play their home games in this sports hall. In addition to volleyball many other sports clubs in the region will use the infrastructure for badminton, indoor football, and other indoor sports. But also during the day, the new complex will be used to its full benefits. Schools in the area are welcome to organize sport lessons during school hours. 

To comply with one of the many strict rules for European matches imposed by the European Volleyball Association, a complete PA system was installed. AUDAC certified partner Play AV suggested a full AUDAC installation to be installed by AUDAC installer Engie Fabricom in the new sport hall. 

The sound in the hall comes from 14 PX115MK2 high-power 15” speakers powered by 2 SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifiers. These PX series speakers were necessary to deliver a clear and natural sound but at the same time were powerful enough to cover the entire sports hall. A XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system is equipped with a FMP40 SourceCon™ voice file media player module and MMP40 SourceCon™ media player & recorder module to be the main audio sources. Because of this setup it is very easy to switch between voice files or signals to inform the audience and music to enhance the atmosphere.  

The head of the sports of the city, who is responsible for the sports hall, is very impressed with the AUDAC installation. “Because the sports hall is the home of volleyball club Asterix AVO we also have the intention to host major sports events here such as the Special Olympics. A quality audio installation that can cover every corner of the sports hall was an absolute necessity. After some first tests I can say the audio is absolutely fantastic. Even at the loudest setting, the sound is crystal clear. In addition, it is also easy to use with digital wall panels that now hang in the sports hall” says the head of sports 

In conclusion, AUDAC was happy to able to play a role in the development of this brand new sports hall which will play an important role for the many sports clubs located in the City of Beveren.

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