Tbilisi, Georgia

Orbeliani Hotel

Located In the center of Tbilisi, one finds the Orbeliani museum hotel. A total rebuild of the original 300-year-old Orbeliani family estate. Even the 18th century interior design was replicated to make the building as authentic as possible. Luckily did the owners decide to turn in the gramophone for a much more modern AUDAC audio system, installed by the system integrator Smarthouse.

The installed audio system serves the purpose of providing background music as well as spreading out evacuation messages in case of an emergency. Over a total of 6 zones two MTX48 4-zone matrixes were used to control the input and sound levels of 25 WX502 wall speakers. The XMP44 modular audio system is used for playback of media files and at the same time prepared to deliver emergency messages thanks to the integrated FMP40 voice file module. Thanks to its modular set-up the XMP44 provides the hotel / museum with enough flexibility to serve any future audio needs that might emerge. Right across of the Orbeliani hotel is the magnificent Tbilisi Public house that also fully runs on a AUDAC audio system.

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