Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Malkander Aquatic center

Aqua sports, recreational swimming, track swimming,… It is all possible at the brand-new Malkander aquatic centre in Apeldoorn. In order to keep the daily operations running smoothly, the need arose for a sound system for announcements and background music. Choosing a sound system in a wet environment can be a real challenge. In addition, the audio installation must be operable by anyone, anywhere and provide high-quality sound. With this in mind, the swimming pool chose a qualitative AUDAC sound system. 

The installer Kugel Licht en Geluid chose to install 46 CALI660 SafeLatch™ ceiling speakers with metal back can along with 2 CELO8S high-end 8” ceiling subwoofers placed above the various baths. More than sufficient power for the speakers is provided by 2 PMQ240, a PMQ480, a SMA500 and a SMQ750 power amplifiers with WaveDynamics™ processing. Control your sound system with wet hands? No problem! Thanks to waterproof tablets, all employees can control the entire audio system with the AUDAC Touch™ 2 application. Because the aqua centre has different applications, clear dashboards were created for the different pools. In this way, the operators can change the atmosphere of the pool in just a few clicks. 

The XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system was installed for the audio sources. In this modular audio system, 4 streaming modules were provided. In this way, the instructors can stream Spotify, specially adapted background music is provided thanks to SoundTrack Your Brand ©, internet radio is available for more general background music and finally USB players were also provided. These modules can of course be fully controlled from the waterproof tablet with the AUDAC Touch™ 2 application.

So thanks to this unique audio system of AUDAC, the visitors of the aquacenter can now enjoy swimming on a completely different level.  

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