4x ATEO4 + NOBA8A +AMP523MK2
Energy Star
100 m²
Speech Level 1
Music Level 2
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When a higher sound pressure is required, the NOBA8A has sufficient capacity to power four powerful ATEO4 wall speakers. With its stunning design and high-quality components, the ATEO4 in combination with the NOBA8A active bass cabinet will fit into the most demanding designer environments and deliver an extraordinary sound reproduction. This system, using four ATEO4 loudspeakers and a NOBA8A active bass cabinet can cover areas of around 100 m² with clear and powerful background music.

The addition of a AMP523MK2 will increase the amount of inputs and open the possibility to control volume and input selection through a web browser or with the AUDAC Touch™ mobile application.

- Innovative & unique design
- High-end sound
- Energy-efficient 
- Integrated class-D amplifier

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