Overpelt, Belgium


For more than 40 years, Vatana has been offering the best articles from both large and small brands for children and adults. They sell various types of sporting equipment, clothes, toys, school supplies and travel accessories from different brands like Nike, Guess and Samsonite. In every store, fashion and sports experts are ready to assist the customers and help them to make their final decision.

Vatana expanded their reach next to the already existing stores in Paal and Genk by adding a brand new complex in Overpelt. For this project they were looking for an audio system that could provide suiting background music for the numerous customers. A complete and custom AUDAC installation was fully in line with their expectations.

For even distribution of sound throughout the store, 35 ASP20 spherical sound projectors are installed on the ceiling. These speakers are perfect for the essential background music in the shop but they are also designed to provide good speech intelligibility, important for various announcements that might occur. The restaurant area next to the shop also consists of ASP20 spherical sound projectors to provide suiting background music for the customers while they enjoy their meal. The main office consists of 5 CS74/W ceiling speakers.

An MTX48 4-zone audio matrix makes it possible to control the background music in all different zones of the store and the restaurant. The setup is powered by a single CAP448 quad-channel power amplifier.

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