Adelaide, Australia

Morphett Vale Railway

The Morphett Vale Railway theme park in Adelaide, Australia, provides public train rides on miniature locomotives. Their fleet of miniature diesel and steam-powered locomotives make their way around almost 2Km of track through natural bushland with an average ride taking around 15 minutes.

Due to the continued growth of MV Rail, several challenges had arisen due to the number of people moving through the facility. The most important concerns were safety and the ability to communicate with passengers as they board and disembark from the trains.

A-COM Solutions were engaged to assess the existing public address system and provide recommendations to improve the clarity and operability of the system.

A-COM Solutions designed and installed a system to suit their customers’ needs which included an AUDAC XMP44 Modular Audio System with FMP40 Voice File Media Player. These worked together to simplify the procedure of delivering important messages to the passengers on a routine basis.

A series of five messages were chosen to address welcome, safety, loading, unloading and procedural requirements. The messages (which were recorded by a professional voice-over artist in a recording studio) were saved as digital files and transferred to the AUDAC FMP40. AUDAC’s ability to playback high-quality audio files ensure that the messages are heard ‘loud and clear’ and in full resolution.

The messages are triggered by simple push-button switches, allowing the MV Rail Station Master to easily trigger the correct message at the correct time.

An AUDAC COM24MKII commercial mixer amplifier was also installed as part of the system upgrade.

“As System Integrator for the Morphett Vale Railway project we are always looking for pro audio products that can deliver great outcomes for our clients without breaking their bank. AUDAC’s XMP44 Modular playback appliance is a great product for these types of situations because whilst being an IP based product, it has simple yet effective dry contact trigger inputs which enabled our client to use a simple push-button interface to trigger messages as required. The device is well priced given its extensive capabilities and modular design. An ideal product for all installed sound applications. AUDAC’s pro audio product range continues to impress us and we are keen to see all future products they produce.”

Brenton Kelly, Managing Director at A-COM Solutions

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