Ghent, Belgium


IKEA has chosen for AUDAC for the biggest IKEA shop in Belgium. With its size of 30.500m² and several floors it was a great challenge to guarantee the safety of the visitors while providing them with the right tunes during their visit. To achieve this goal, AUDAC used 54 CS65 ceiling speakers for the lower ceiling areas and 40 CS75 ceiling speaker for the higher ceiling areas. In the areas where there are no system ceilings, they chose for 110 WX302 loudspeakers. During the study, it became clear that, to cover the large and open shop areas, the ASP20 loudspeaker with its 360° spread angle was the most efficient choice, allowing you to cover the shop areas with higher ceiling with just 70 loudspeakers.Also the impressive parking lot with room for more than 1900 cars was equipped with more than 250 HS120 horn loudspeakers, guaranteeing that any false parked car owner would be warned in the best possible way.

Thanks to AUDAC's certified partner DLC, the visitors of Ikea Gent can now enjoy an optimal shopping experience.


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