Lviv, Ukraine

Bankhotel Art Congress Hall

The Bankhotel Art Congress Hall is located in the historical city-center of Lviv, Ukraine in a reconstructed building of the former Austro-Hungarian bank. During the rebuilding, the main designing idea was the maximum preservation of the historical appearance of the building as an architectural monument. The original shape of the roof with its dome was ruined due to fire in 1968. An expert team of architects rebuilt it following the original historical designs. Because of this decision they could create 3 additional guest floors, which means there are now 7 floors with 101 rooms in total.

The former floor used by the bank has been transformed into the city’s largest conference hall. There are 8 conference halls with a total capacity of 270 people, which will provide any requirements for the organization of seminars, presentations and congresses. To ensure that all events could take place in all professionalism in these conference halls, the Bankhotel had some requirements that the audio installation had to meet. High quality sound production for background music during the breaks and good speech intelligibility when speaking during the presentations. The equipment also had to be almost invisible to blend into the authentic design. 

The AUDAC CELO5 high-end 2-way 5” ceiling speaker proved to be the best solution for the situation. Thanks to its slim grill design, these ceiling speakers become nearly invisible when mounted. In combination with the TR1024F audio line transformer this solution takes the advantage of the top-quality sound delivered by aluminium cone woofer/tweeter and high-quality crossover of the speaker. The line transformer made it possible to connect a great number of speakers amplified by the CAP424 quad-channel power amplifier 100V.

As main audio source 3 MMP40 SourceCon™ media player & recorder module and 1 IMP40 SourceCon™ internet audio player module where implemented in the XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system. The combination with an MTX88 8-zone audio matrix makes it possible to easily control the paging and sound for the different zones. The entire installation is controlled by means of the AUDAC Touch app which allows them to control the zones easy through the out of the pocket controllable app. 

COMPLEX-V. LTD, AUDAC exclusive distributor in Ukraine, supplied all the AUDAC equipment and provided full technical consultancy to the AV integrator. Thanks to the AUDAC installation, all seminars and presentations in the conference hall can take place in optimal conditions. 

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