Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aquapark Miami

Aquapark Miami is a premier aquatic entertainment destination located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Known for its thrilling water slides, relaxing spa services, and family-friendly environment, Aquapark Hawaii sought to enhance its guest experience by integrating a state-of-the-art audio system. To achieve this, they partnered with AUDAC, a leading brand in innovative audio solutions.

The primary objectives for the audio installation at Aquapark Hawaii were to provide clear and consistent audio throughout the park and to enhance the atmosphere with high-quality sound in both indoor and outdoor areas.

WX502/OW outdoor wall-mounted speakers were strategically installed across various locations in the park, ensuring robust and weather-resistant audio coverage. The WX502/OW units provided clear, high-fidelity sound in all outdoor areas, including poolside zones, walkways, and recreational spaces. Additionally the WX502/W wall-mounted speakers were placed in the indoor areas to maintain consistent audio quality and volume throughout the park.

To provided a centralized control and distribution of audio signals to different zones within the park a M2 multimedia digital audio mixer was installed, enabling seamless integration and management of the audio system. And with the XMP44 modular audio player various audio sources could be send to the different zones within the park. The XMP44’s flexibility allowed the park to tailor audio content for different areas, enhancing the guest experience with appropriate background music, announcements, and special event audio. The APM108MK2 Digital paging microphone allows staff to make live announcements throughout the park, ensuring effective communication and safety.

The installation of AUDAC's audio system at Aquapark Hawaii, Miami Aquapark & SPA has significantly enhanced the overall guest experience. The high-quality, reliable audio coverage has created a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere, whether guests are seeking thrills on the water slides or relaxation in the spa. The system’s durability and weather resistance have proven essential in the aquatic environment, while the centralized control has provided the park with the flexibility to manage audio content effectively.

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