Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kinopark Sputnik

Watching the latest movie at the movie theater is always an exciting experience full of emotions for the visitors. The big screen really brings a film to life, so you feel like you're actually in the movie. This way you can share the adventures, emotions and funny moments of the characters in an intense setting. Kinopark theatres have been the reference for many years in the field of cinematographic screening in Kazakhstan. It’s the largest chain of cinemas in Kazakhstan and most of their complexes are equipped with IMAX halls for the ultimate audio-visual spectacle.

However, the ultimate cinematographic experience doesn't just start in the theatre. It starts in the entrance hall where you make the film choice together with family and friends. Kinopark theatres finds it very important that their guests feel immediately at ease so that they can enjoy their movie in total peace. A tailored made AUDAC audio solution helped the movie chain overcoming this challenge.

The right background music is very important so visitors do not have to listen in complete silence to the breathing or coughing of their neighbour while waiting to enter the theatre. STEPLine, the official AUDAC dealer in Kazakhstan provided a completely balanced audio installation that not only brought clear sound but also perfectly matched with the acoustic design of the cinema halls.

On the recommendation of STEPline, Kinopark quickly chose for the ATEO4 speakers, possibly one of the most elegant wall speakers in our range. These speakers are especially popular because of their smooth & aesthetic design, the beautiful velvet sound and the variety in colour and audio strength.

To provide fitting background music in the cinema complex, a state-of-the-art intuitive XMP44 modular audio system with an integrated MMP40 media player module is installed. This user friendly XMP44 makes it very easy to play different audio formats and has an innovative control possibility.

The MTX88 8-zone audio matrix makes managing all sound in the entire installation flexible and convenient. For example, in the foyer they can play some suiting background music alternated with advertisements for new movie premieres. While a funky jazz tune is heard in the lounge bar and gentle, relaxing background music is played in the waiting room in front of the movie halls. Distributing and controlling the sound in these different zones is a great addition to the customer's experience and furthermore, everything can be controlled from a mobile device.

The result is an astonishing sound throughout the complete Kinopark complex satisfying each customer with detailed background music and announcements.


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