Grossarl, Austria


“Nothing I have accomplished would have been able without the warmth and support of my family” - Peter Hetteger. 

What started as a cosy guesthouse owned by grandma and grandpa Hetteger, has grown to become a beautiful, luxurious wellness hotel named Edelweiss. Here you can enjoy some quality time with the whole family. As a family owned business ourselves, we have the utmost respect for the great devotion the three generations of the Hetteger family have put into making people happy.

The Edelweiss wellness resort provides the comfort of an alpine lodge, combined with a breath-taking, modern design. It is equipped with 240 cosy rooms, multiple restaurants which serve outstanding food, a relaxing spa, fitness rooms and so much more. To make sure all of these areas were fully equipped, our Austrian distributor Tremtec installed 5 M2 Multimedia digital audio mixers which divide the resort into different areas where the music is separately controllable. To give a clear sound, 283 CIRA524 QuickFit™ ceiling speakers were installed. These perfectly blend into the modern interior thanks to their borderless design.

Because the lobby is where first impressions are made, we installed 6 Ateo4 wall speakers there. Due to the Clevermount™ technology, all cables are hidden in the speaker itself. This makes the speakers aesthetically pleasing without losing in quality.

Outside, 12 WX502/O universal wall speakers were installed. These speakers are fully waterproof, so they are the perfect solution to place near the pools and outdoor spa facilities. We also equipped 104 of the CIRA524’s with GLI05/OB grills so they are optimized for outside usage.

The XMP44 professional modular audio system, equipped with 3 IMP40 internet audio player modules and one MMP40 media player module guarantees that the system can handle up to 4 different sources. This makes it easy for the staff to switch between online and offline music. In combination with the DW5066 wall panels, this guarantees that any ambience in the Edelweiss can be created with a finger snap. The entire setup is powered by the CAP412 and CAP424 power amplifiers.

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