• DW5066 - Digital all-in-one wall panel


Digital all-in-one wall panel
  • unbalanced stereo line input
  • 2.5" LCD display with intuitive user interface
  • Terminal block connection
5 years
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The DW5066 is an all-in-one wall panel controller for multi-zone digital audio matrix systems and multi-media digital audio mixers. It offers various control functions such as audio source selection whereby the routing can be changed or specific mixing presets ('scenes' - only for M2) can be triggered. The control shall be done using the versatile rotatable push dial whereby other settings such as volume, tone control, phantom power, muting, ... also can be made. A local line and microphone level input allows the connection of additional input units to be patched with the matrix / mixer while one of them can also be converted to a local line output. The additional inputs allow connection of a CD-player, MP3 player or any other audio source as local input while a microphone can be connected for making announcements. Both line and microphone audio input can be mixed locally using two push-lock potentiometers and 15V phantom power can be enabled to the microphone input for powering condenser microphones. The audio output function can be very useful in applications where a local audio output is required carrying the same audio signal as one of the direct outputs. This can be very useful for monitoring, recording or other system expansion purposes. A 2.5" graphical LCD display ensures a user-friendly experience for controlling the system and the audio connections are performed using XLR (microphone) and stereo RCA (line) connectors.

Scroll-Push control™
2.5" LCD display
RCA line input 
Microphone input with Phantom power
Terminal block output connection
DW5066 - Digital all-in-one wall panel

Technical specifications

Available models
DW5066/W White version
System specifications
Control RS-485
Digital audio S/PDIF
Inputs Unbalanced Stereo Type 1 x Stereo Unbalanced Line
Connector RCA
Balanced Microphone Type 1 x Balanced Microphone
Connector XLR female
Phantom Power 15 V DC (software enabling)
Cabling UTP CAT 6 (Up to 300 meter)
Display Type 2.5” Graphical Full colour
Connectors 8-pin Euro Terminal Block
Product Features
Dimensions 6.024 x 3.70 x 1.77 " (W x H x D)
Built-in depth 1.46 "
Weight 0.46 lb
Construction ABS
Colours Black (RAL9005) (DW5066/B)
White (RAL9010) (DW5066/W)
Accessories Optional WB50/FG - Flush mount box for hollow wall
WB50/FS - Flush mount box for solid wall
Repeater (>300 m) CP43ARP: bTicino version (/B & /W)
CP45ARP: 45x45mm version (/B & /W)
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants

Peripheral device compatibility table

M2 R2 MTX AMP523MK2 APG20 LX523 ARU1xx AMP20
WLI checkmark checkmark checkmark
WMI checkmark checkmark checkmark
DW506x checkmark checkmark
DW30/40x checkmark checkmark
MWX65 checkmark
MWX4x checkmark checkmark
APM1xx checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
WP523 checkmark checkmark
MPX48/88 checkmark
ARU1xx checkmark checkmark checkmark

Wall panel functionality

DW5066 DW30xx/DW40xx MWX4x MWX65
Multi zone checkmark
Single zone checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Audio input checkmark checkmark
Audio output checkmark checkmark
Input selection checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
Cascadable checkmark checkmark
Custom logo checkmark



When the inputs on the DW5066 wall panel are not used at a certain moment, the GAIN potentiometers should be turned down, and the phantom power on the microphone should be disabled.


For the DW5066, you can reach up to 300m using UTP CAT6 cabling.
Using the CP43ARP or CP45ARP repeater you can have up to 600m.


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