Kortemark, Belgium

Funeral home Logghe

In Kortemark, Belgium, Geert Logghe has built a state-of-the-art funeral home named ‘Logghe’. The mortuary is one of the largest funeral homes in the region and can welcome up to 400 mourning.

The funeral home constantly focuses on three keystones: discretion, professionalism and trust. That is why discretion was one of the main demands for the look and control of the audio system. The System Integrator DLC proposed an AUDAC installation to meet the requirements. When the contract came in they eventually installed a couple of GIAX design column speakers together with one BASO15 bass reflex cabinet in the large auditorium. In the back of this auditorium, the nearly invisible CELO8 High-end ceiling speakers are placed so that this complete combination of loudspeakers allows a full congregation to hear every spoken word and enjoy recorded as well as live music.

The whole complex is managed by an M2 multimedia digital audio mixer. The setup of this matrix is done by a zone link configuration. This is a function that allows any other zone to react to the input and volume change of the master zone. All this can be controlled with a DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panel right from the reception.

Additionally, there is also an RS-232 controller placed in the speaker’s desk to control the volume, input source and even the CMP30 All-in-one digital audio player from one location. This is done so that the speaker can ensure that the whole room is covered with an optimal sound volume. For amplification of all the speakers, a combination of SMQ500, SMQ350 quad-channel power amplifiers and one CAP412 quad-channel power amplifier is used.

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