Melbourne, Australia

The Notting Hill Hotel

Established in 1891, the Notting Hill Hotel is one of the oldest lodgings in Melbourne’s South East. Over the last century, it has evolved to much more than simply ‘a hotel’. Now, it offers a steakhouse, bistro, restaurant, flexible function spaces and one of Melbourne’s biggest and best beer gardens!

A recent change of partnership (after almost 80 years of ownership by the previous holder) has seen a flurry of upgrades at the venue, including the installation of a brand-new audio system. Having experienced AUDAC systems at other venues, the new owner decided an AUDAC solution to be the perfect fit for the hotel. Not only to fulfill their requirements for the present day, but also to be able to adapt and grow in the future. One example of this, was the use of an M2 multimedia digital audio mixer. Due to its large number of available in and outputs as well as its expandability options, the M2 is the perfect future proof choice for the venue.

A number of DW5066 all-in-one wall panels got installed around the venue allowing staff a simple way to control source routing and volume levels throughout the multiple audio zones. The built-in audio inputs make them perfect for connecting microphones and music sources during events.

Because of the large variety in requirements in the different audio zones, various types of loudspeakers were used in this project. In the Saloon, Sports Bar, Bistro and enclosed Courtyard, the ATEO6 wall speaker with CleverMount™ has been installed, whilst in the steakhouse CS75 Quick fit ceiling speakers are used for the sound reproduction.

For the gigantic outdoor beer garden located at the heart of the venue, eighteen WX802/OB weatherproof loudspeakers provide a high-fidelity reproduction of music throughout the outdoor space.

To provide power to this large number of zones, the AUDAC CAP series multi-channel 100V amplifiers were chosen to be the most ideal solution.

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