Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Wooden residence Sarajevo

This beautiful residential accommodation is located in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of this capital city is built in the Sarajevo Valley, which is surrounded by five mountains that together form the Dinaric Alps.
AUDAC Parner Audio Projekt d.o.o was looking for a quality sound system that could blend into the interior and at the same time provide excellent acoustic performance. 

The NELO706 surface mount speakers were provided together with the ATEO4 wall speakers and ATEO6 wall speakers ensuring true-to-nature, high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech. Throughout the building, 11 different VC3022 100V volume controllers were installed, allowing the volume of the loudspeakers to be regulated in 11 steps of 3dB. Their slim and good looking design makes them ideally for residential environments. Th system was built around a MTX48 4-zone audio matrix to divide the residence into different zones. Each zone can be controlled separately which allows the different residents to play their preferred audio in different zones. 

The outdoor area of the residence was equipped with 7 WX502_O outdoor universal wall speakers as well as 3 WX302_O outdoor universal wall speakers. These loudspeakers are fully resistant to any weather condition.

Both 1 CAP412 quad-channel power amplifier and 1 EPA104 quad-channel Class-D amplifier were used to amplify the loudspeakers throughout the different zones of the building.

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