Zwevezele, Belgium

St. Aldegondis Church

In the Belgian village of Zwevezele you will find a beautiful parish church, the St. Aldegondis Church. It is a Romanesque church from the last quarter of the 10th century. Throughout the last 10 centuries the church was restored several times, with beautiful results. 

The St. Aldegondis parish considers conveying messages to visitors as its most important aspect. With this in mind, the church chose an AUDAC sound system that not only delivers crystal clear sound in the acoustic environment, yet the elegant design of the loudspeakers was just as important in enhancing the architectural heritage. 2 GIAX design column speakers were installed in the front of the church, along the altar. This results in a clear sound which without struggle reaches the visitors sitting at the back of the church. The 2 AXIR design column speakers together with the 4 KYDO design column speakers, ensure that the sound is perfectly distributed throughout the different zones of the church. Thanks to the 2 SX412 subwoofer cabinets on both sides of the altar, a vibrant sound experience is provided. 

From the moment a microphone signal is received from the M67 dynamic handheld microphone, the CMX200 pipe-neck condenser microphone or the CMX215 pipe-neck condenser microphone the SX412 subwoofer cabinets are automatically switched off by the M2 multi-media audio mixer. Resulting in excellent intelligibility. To easily and directly select a pre-programmed pre-set in this multi-media audio mixer, a push-button module was installed on this processor. 

When you think of a church, you naturally think about the beautiful sound of a organ. To support this sound even better, a separate loudspeaker was provided with its own volume control. CMP30 all-in-one digital audio player ensures that CD, MP3, music on USB or SD/MMC Cards can be played, yet thanks to the present 2nd output of this CMP30, one can listen to FM Radio broadcasts at the same time. The outdoor area of the St. Aldegondis church was equipped with 3 HS121 outdoor sound projectors which ensure that the outdoor church events are provided with equally clear sound. 

Thanks to AUDAC certified partner DLC, visitors to St. Aldegondis Church can now fully enjoy every Mass celebration. 

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