Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Peugeot Blauwendaal

The well-known car brand Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturer, part of Groupe PSA. Peugeot Blauwendaal is the Peugeot dealer in Rotterdam, the second biggest city of The Netherlands. Blauwendaal is part of the Louwman Dealer Group, a leading family business with many years of experience in the automotive industry and with seven Peugeot sites in the country.

The owners were searching for a powerful, but easily controllable audio system for the new Peugeot showroom in Rotterdam. After an in-depth comparison, a full audio setup of AUDAC was chosen.

The workshop is provided with 4 WX502/B universal wall speakers while the showroom, canteen and offices contain 22 CS75/W ceiling speakers which are perfect for a wide variety of applications like the need for subtle background music. All of the speakers are powered by a CAP224 dual-channel power amplifier and a CPA12 power amplifier, which operate individual zones for more control over the audio.

The complete system is built around a MTX48 zone mixer that separates the store in 4 zones and makes sure the speakers produce the right sound where needed. Thanks to the free AUDAC Touch application that works with the MTX48, it’s easier than ever to control the system. 

The XMP44 professional modular audio system with an IMP40 internet audio player module, guarantees that the system can handle up to 4 different sources. The Linum™ technology will automatically switch to an inserted media carrier (USB drive) to avoid unpleasant silences or timeouts in background music applications if the Internet connection is lost. When the internet connection is recovered, the audio stream will be automatically and seamlessly restored afterwards.

Through this AUDAC setup provided at Peugeot Blauwendaal, the right atmosphere can be created to enhance the car shopping experience.

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