Taksim, Turkey

Gezi Pastanesi

Gezi Pastanesi, the famous Instanbul-based patisserie finished their renovation project with a completely new concept in May 2015. Convinced about the importance of a quality sound-installation, a multi-zone AUDAC system was installed by Ertekin Elektronik, the Turkish AUDAC distributor. The installed solution has called on a wide variety of AUDAC products. In terms of loudspeakers, the installers opted for ASP20, CELO8, CS1000S, CS55, CSS556, SX408, VEXO8 and WS624/D cabinets to cover the four distinct zones. The installation is powered by SMQ350 and SMQ750 amplifiers and CP45XLF connection plates have also been used. However, the key to this installation has been the use of an AUDAC M2 multi-media digital audio mixer to create the different zones.

"Gezi Pastanesi has been divided into four sections: the sales section at the front, the café at the rear, the outdoor garden and the first floor bar." explained Ertekin project manager, Murat Colak. "This system helps Gezi Pastanesi as each section can play different music and has individual volume control. Also, every section can be controlled by iPad." With the system now up and running, Mr Colak declares himself happy with the project. "Gezi Pastanesi is well-known all over Turkey and very popular for tourists and local people. We are happy and honoured to be a part of this project."

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