Ghent, Belgium

De Oude Vismijn

The Oude Vismijn, meaning old fishmine, is one of the oldest market locations in Ghent and in Belguim. In 2010 the entire building was renovated and became a top location for classy events. In search of an elegant but powerful sound system they turned to integrator company DLC. It did not take the company long to decide that they would work with AUDAC as they provided a very complete range of products and support for this project. This support even included acoustic EASE simulations of the AUDAC speakers inside their future environment. The building has been split up into 12 zones containing one big event hall, several smaller event halls, a restaurant and a lounge bar. To cover the big event hall they installed multiple clusters of 4 WX502 speakers each. In total 58 WX502 speakers where installed while the project also included 10 ASP20 spherical speakers, 12 CS75 ceiling speakers and 3 CSS556 surface mount speakers. To control the complete audio system they chose two R2 units that are linked together via their optic fibre in- and output. So the installed local wall panel audio inputs and other audio sources are available everywhere throughout the complex. To power this 100V audio system, two Q2 amplifiers and one Q4 amplifier where used together with their TR tranformer units. This installation shows how AUDAC’s innovative products can be used to create a flexible solution for a demanding venue.

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