Hasselt, Belgium


Baouzza has grown to one of the most trendy places is Belgium during the summer period. Besides a pool, several lounge area’s and a restaurant, the scenery also transforms into a night club that welcomes more than 1.200 persons.To achieve a great sound during the day an during the night they turned to AUDAC. The first challenge to this project was that all of the loudspeaker cabinets would be exposed to the elements. The second challenge was that they needed to avoid high sound levels traveling to the neighboring living areas. To comply with this second demand they installed a sound system that offers a great coverage thanks to the quantity of speakers installed. For the speakers that would be exposed to the elements they chose 35 x WX502/OW outdoor speakers for all the lounge and restaurant areas. For the serving bars they installed 20 x loudspeakers while the outside dance areas received 16 x VEXO8 together with 8 complementary BASO15 bass cabinets. Inside the larger tent 8 x PX110MK2 where installed together with more BASO15 bass cabinets. All of this sound muscle was powered by 5 x SMQ750 Amplifiers while the long distance lines for the sound systems around the beach where powered by 4 x CAP248. The brain for all the individual audio zones is an M2 digital audio matrix which allows the owner to switch with the flick of his finger from Restaurant to nightlife atmosphere thanks to the AUDAC app on his smartphone.

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