Hotel Rondo

Wabrzezno, Poland

The Rondo Hotel is a brand new hotel located in Wabrzezno, Poland. This multifunctional and fully equipped building serves as a hotel but is also used for private and corporate events. Providing the right audio installation for the building with the multifunctional aspect and large area size proved to be a challenge for the installer. The investor demanded excellent sound quality, plenty of functionalities and remote control capabilities throughout the complex. In addition, the system must also be flexible enough for future enlargement. AUDAC was best placed to meet all the requirements.

The 620m² conference and banquet hall, designed for private parties, trainings, conferences and other events is equipped with an acoustics sliding wall system. The system allows the hall to be divided in 2 separate rooms when needed. The whole hall was equipped with strategical placed BASO15 and PX112MK2 speakers providing an optimal sound coverage during the different events. All speakers are connected to an M2 digital matrix system which allows multi-zone control possibilities. The hotel staff can easily change the audio in each zone for the split room use or provide full coverage for the entire conference hall.

Aside from the conference hall the hotel also hosts 2 smaller meeting rooms, a restaurant, spa, gym, terraces with a playground and a large barbecue area where independent events can be organised. A second M2 digital matrix system and multiple MTX multi-zone matrix systems are used to provide each zone with suitable sound.

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