Tongeren, Belgium

Plinius outdoor swimming pool

The Plinius complex in Tongeren, Belgium is the perfect place to spend your time during sunny days and has something for everyone. This beautiful complex consists of a walking and cycling route through the rolling countryside of Haspengouw and a 38 areas sunbathing area for over 2000 sunbathers. The complex also has 3 outdoor swimming pools: a recreational pool, a 25m league bath and a shallow bath for the little ones.

To make this an unforgettable experience, an audio installation from AUDAC is installed to provide all the visitors of enjoyable background music, but also to ensure the safety of the bathers and visitors.

Different kind of AUDAC speakers are installed throughout the complex, each of them are used for different functions. 15 WX502/OB outdoor loudspeakers are installed at the ticket sales, the dressing rooms and the terrace of the swimming pool and cafeteria. The speakers are especially designed to be waterproof and for outdoor use, to make sure that the important announcements and background music can be heard at every place of the complex. These speakers are amplified by a single CAP448. 

Inside the cafeteria, 2 MWX65/B wall panels are installed to control the music input even more easily. 18 CS75 in-ceiling speakers are installed inside the cafeteria and the reception hall for the tourists while a MWX65/B is installed to control the music input.

The bathers at the swimming pools are not left without the enjoyable background music due to 7 HS208T 2-way horn loudspeakers that are installed at the recreational pool, the 25m league bath, the shallow bath and the large sunbathing area. All 7 of these speakers are amplified by 2 CAP412 quad-channel amplifiers to ensure sufficient power and sound distribution.

Both the CMP30 audio player and 2 TSP40 FM tuners are connected to a MTX88 audio matrix. These two systems make sure that the right signal sources and tuning of these signals are sent to the MTX88. Staff can notify the visitors easily with 3 MPX88 microphones that are also plugged into the MTX88.

With this AUDAC installation, the people in Tongeren are ready for water fun during these hot summer days. 

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