Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Flora Bar & Grill

The Flora Bar & Grill chain opened its new venue at the famous Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. The new seaside spot combines its ideal setting on the Black Sea coast with its range of excellent cuisine and delicious cocktails to satisfy its customers. 

The quiet COVID times didn't get the restaurant down, and it continued to invest. It took advantage of the time to modernise its facilities, which also implied a new sound system. AUDAC Certified Distributor Pro Audio Ltd. from Bulgaria was given the task of providing an ideal acoustic system for the Flora Bar & Grill, in order to provide the restaurant's customers with the right atmosphere in the various zones.  

After a successful first AUDAC installation at another chain venue that impressed the investor, he opted for another customised setup at the Sunny Beach location. In consultation with the designer and the investor, a specific project was launched to fulfill the desired sound quality, design preferences and functional options.  

Inside the restaurant, 16 ATEO4D wall speakers were installed to match the modern design of the restaurant. These were mounted through the Clevermount™ technology, which merges the loudspeaker cabinet flow and mounting bracket for easy installation. In addition, the black colour of the ATEOs provides a nice contrast to the white walls, making the speakers a design enhancement. Furthermore, 4 NOBA8 bass cabinets are fixed on the ceiling through the MBK410C mounting bracket system to provide the perfect acoustic experience indoors. Outdoors, 6 WX502MK2/O and 8 WX802MK2/O universal outdoor wall speakers are mounted. These are weather resistant and provide customers with high quality sound solutions outside on the terrace, whether it rains or the sun shines. SMQ and PMQ power amplifiers provide the necessary sound processing and amplification for the loudspeakers. 

At the heart of this installation is an MTX88 8-zone audio matrix that divides the different areas into 8 separate zones. This arrangement ensures the right sound in the right place and increases the atmosphere for both the staff members and the customers. In addition, the restaurant opted for the MFA208 all-in-one audio solution. It represents simultaneously a matrix, an amplifier, an audio processor, an audio source and an automation system, and due to the NMP40 Audio Streaming Sourcecon™ module, it is compatible with Soundtrack Your Brand and Spotify. This combination provides a personalised solution which is easily operated by any staff members. 

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