Bucharest, Romania

Dacia One

The Dacia One project, located in the historic center of Bucharest, includes two buildings: a 1,500sqm villa classified as a historical monument and a new building with a total area of 13,500sqm. The design highlights the 100+ years of history of Casa Cesianu by maintaining the original architecture. At the same time, the adjacent building features a modern look with contemporary design, turning Dacia One into a distinctive real estate project. The two buildings are located downtown, at the intersection of Boulevard Dacia and Boulevard Victoria, close to many points of interest in the 1st sector of the city Bucharest.

Dacia One is a commercial real estate project, which rents class A office space on a total area of 15,000 meters. Due to its optimal positioning, premium facilities, and unique concept, the space immediately attracted successful companies from fields such as banking and consulting. Sound is an important component of the daily activities at Dacia One, which is why the team opted for a customized sound system.

AUDAC Certified partner in Romania, AudioVision, met the requirements of the integrator partner Ampli Systems and helped implement the sound equipment needed for the areas of interest. Depending on the destination of each space, they used AUDAC NELO, NOBA, and CIRA acoustic enclosures for indoor areas and the AUDAC WX series for outdoor areas.

Thanks to its compact shape and integrated line transformer for public addressing, the NELO speaker range is the perfect choice for public spaces where they will broadcast announcements or ambient music. For the most accurate reproduction of the sound, the NOBA bass cabinets from Audac were also included as part of the installation. For spaces that require the integration of speakers in the ceiling, they chose the Audac CIRA series with TwistFix™ borderless grill design for a seamless installation.

The audio solution for Dacia One is supplemented by loudspeakers placed in several outdoor areas. The WX two-way outdoor loudspeakers ensure clear and accurate sound reproduction in any open space. In addition, the steel mounting bracket allows you to focus the speaker, while the integrated line transformer supports both 100V and low impedance applications.

The entire system is managed by 3 Audac M2 audio distribution systems interconnected by fiber optics, and the announcements are managed by the APM116 microphone for all 24 created areas. Music and scheduled announcements are streamed using SourceCon™ modules, which are integrated into the XMP44 modular audio system.

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