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Cinco is Pune’s all new resto-bar and patisserie that promises to be a treat for all the 5 senses, Cinco has a uniquely vibrant beauty that captivates from the moment one step’s in, with the right kind of music to enliven the mood. Cinco has opened its doors in central Pune, offering food and drink to patrons over a 750m² space. The venue is split into three distinct areas: the 280m² club, the outdoor garden area, and a patisserie. Touchwood Automations was brought in during the planning and wiring of the building, and was asked to manage the audiovisual requirements.

The project brief handed to Touchwood specified the need for higher sound pressure level in the club area to accommodate DJ sets and for coverage to continue into the outdoor garden. Meanwhile, the patisserie was to be quieter, with the option to have its own music selections.

Live gigs occasionally take place in the garden, requiring a PA system and stage monitors to connect to the installed sound system. During these concerts, the music in the club will come from a separate source.

With all these desires, Touchwood Automations realized that their job wasn’t going to be easy. Having gone through more than a dozen of options they realized AUDAC was the best solution for them and they finalized the design with the products of AUDAC. 

In the club it was important to create high volumes, therefore the Touchwood team installed 2 x FX3.15 high-output cabinets together with 2 x FX1.18 High-output bass cabinets. This guarantees enough power to provide the ideal sound. The speakers in the club are powered by 2 x SMQ500 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel amplifiers while the subs are driven by an SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifier with WaveDynamics™ technology. To use the entire space, they also installed 2 x PX112 high-power speakers that are powered by an SMA500 WaveDynamics™ dual-channel power amplifier. 

The garden area needed to be equipped with speakers that reproduced true-to-nature music for the live gigs. They decided to install 8 x WX802_O outdoor wall speakers which are specially designed for outdoor use. The speakers outside are powered by an EPA254 quad-channel amplifier. 

For the patisserie area it was very important that the speakers were invisible. For this reason 4 CELO6 high-end slim ceiling loudspeakers were installed. With its borderless Slimline™ grill design, these CELO speakers become nearly invisible when mounted. The CELO6 speakers are powered by an EPA104 quad-channel amplifier. 

With this full AUDAC installation, one of the five senses is truly fulfilled by delivering a great audio solution. 

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