Turnhout, Belgium


Next to the city hall, across from the entrance to the church, a brand-new restaurant and lounge bar opened in Turnhout, Belgium. Bardo consists of a restaurant area where you can experience delicious French-Belgian cuisine with oriental influences. At the back of the restaurant there is also a trendy lounge bar where you can enjoy finger food, tapas and freshly made cocktails.

For the audio installation, the owners of Bardo contacted Belgian AUDAC certified partner, Pro Gear. Amid a coronary crisis, it was not easy to choose a premium audio system, but the owner, Michaël took the time to consider everything carefully and went all-out for the audio experience he had in mind. 

Pro Gear divided Bardo into three zones: a front area, the restaurant, and the lounge where a higher sound volume and a DJ connection were also needed. The heart of the system became the Audac MXT48 4-zone audio matrix that can be controlled using the AUDAC Touch™ application.

For the front and restaurant area ATEO6 design wall loudspeakers were chosen as the primary loudspeaker type. The combination with the AUDAC BASO10 and BASO12 subwoofers makes the sound quality is rich and vibrant. The lounge got a bit more power with the AUDAC VEXO8 Compact high-power loudspeaker with the AUDAC BASO18 subwoofers so that it could run at a noticeably higher sound level.

2 Wall panels were also installed on strategic places in the venue so that the staff could make quick and easy adjustments when needed. The whole installation is powered by a SMA350 power amplifiers and a EPA152 Class-d amplifier. 

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