Via Cà Bembo, Italy

Al Bivio degli Artisti

Not far from the famous Italian city of Venice, an award-winning chef is running a very special pizzeria. Chef Denis Preo is known for exclusively preparing high quality vegan and vegetarian dishes with the best quality biological ingredients. Just like his choice for ingredients, the restaurant owner desires the same quality and attention to detail when it comes to the audio system for his restaurant.

“The Al Bivio degli Artisti's restaurant is quite big and needed to be controlled by an audio matrix that could serve multiple zones. The owner also wanted a possibility to blend different audio sources to one output.” explains Alessio Mazzocco and Davide Modenato of Power SRLS, owners of the company who realized the project. “The venue is divided into 6 zones and future extensions are already scheduled. The M2 multimedia digital audio mixer could fulfill all these requirements with ease.” Continued Alessio Mazzocco.

The beautiful ATEO6 wall loudspeakers were used for the dining rooms. In total 18 of these design loudspeakers provide excellent background music for the guests inside. The outdoor summer terrace is equipped with WX802/o outdoor wall loudspeakers, even the staff is spoiled by the sound of the smaller ATEO2 design loudspeakers installed in the kitchen and service areas. To power for this large amount of loudspeakers, a combination of an AUDAC CAP224 and a CAP412 100V Amplifier were used. As main audio source an IMP40 SourceCon™ internet audio player was implemented in the XMP44 professional modular audio player.

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