2 x ATEO6 + BASO10 + SMQ350
100 m²
Speech Level 2
Music Level 3
Surface mount
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The combination of the ATEO6 loudspeakers’ stunning design and BASO10 bass cabinet, both featuring high-quality components, enables the FESTA6.3 set to be installed in any environment, guaranteeing an impressive sound with elegant aesthetics. Powered by a SMQ350 WaveDynamics™ Class-D power amplifier, this system, using two ATEO6 loudspeakers and a BASO10 bass cabinet can cover areas of around 100 m² with a warm and powerful sound.


  • Elegant design

  • CleverMount™ Installation

  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifier

  • WaveDynamics™ technology

  • Room-filling bass

Available models

There are several variants of this product available, in order to provide you with the best possible tailor-made solution.

White version


White version

This is a combined product:
2 x ATEO6/W + 1 x BASO10/W + 1 x SMQ350

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