Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Zulekha Hospital

Zulekha Daud is an Indian doctor who is full-time humanitarian and founder of the Zulekha hospital. Ever since 1992, when the first medical center was opened in Sharjah, it has been the pioneer for healthcare in the Middle East. Thanks to the exceptional knowledge and work ethic of Ms. Daud and her colleagues, the hospital has grown exponentially through the years. Now, the Zulekha-enterprise consists of two multi-specialty hospitals, a diagnostic center, three UAE medical centers and three pharmacies, so they can offer an answer to all patient’s problems, just like AUDAC.

AUDAC  was granted the honor to team up with the award-winning hospital-group, by providing the entire Dubai-facility with the most reliable and efficient audio-accommodation. A medical center with such a reputation to maintain, offering medical management to inpatients as well as outpatients, is not a small responsibility.

Through the hallways and in several rooms of the impressive building, the bittersweet sound of a staggering 380 CS55 ceiling speakers will reverberate. In the emergency room and several surgical rooms, 25 AWP06 waterproof ceiling speakers were placed. The installer combined 8 CAP224 and 3 CPA12 power amplifiers to supply these loudspeakers of sufficient energy. The big difference between these two products is that the CAP-model is dual channel and the CPA-model is single channel.

The great mind to manage this entire system, is concealed within the 2 R2 multi-zone matrix systems. Due to the connection through optic fibre cable, one system is created, which allows the CMP30 audio source to be available throughout the entire hospital. Of course, a hospital doesn’t require an audio system just to broadcast music, they also need to be able to send spoken or pre-recorded messages. The APM116 digital paging microphone allows transmitting a vocal message in each of the 16 created zones.

The range of products offered by AUDAC, fits perfectly in the vision of the Zulekha hospital. In particular, because both companies accentuate the relationship with their clients as well as the responsible side of entrepreneurship. Zulekha and AUDAC are font of Corporate Social Responsibility and a lot of similarities show up when comparing the company’s core values. At least, we sense a long-lasting relationship coming up!

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