Maasmechelen, Belgium

Ter Hills hotel

The Terhills hotel in Maasmechelen, Belgium provides a very unique experience to all of its guest. Unused for over 28 years, Terhills decided to renovate this beautiful mining headquarters of Eisden.In order to trigger all senses of its guests in the most profound way, they turned to AUDAC for the entire audio system. Whether you are checking in at the front desk or enjoying your drink at one of the lounges, the bar or restaurant, you can enjoy the detailed sound coming from 18 CELO6 high-end slim ceiling loudspeakers. Even inside the elevator and the toilets, they installed 6 CELO5 high-end slim ceiling loudspeakers.In order to have full controllability of the system, an M2 multimedia digital audio matrix has been installed together with 2 DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panels at the reception and lounge. To power all this sound, 1 CAP448 four channel 100V power amplifier of 4x480 Watt and 1 CAP424 four channel 100V power amplifier of 4x240 Watt were used.

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