Landgraaf, the Netherlands

Swimming pool In de Bende

In the city of Landgraaf, The Netherlands a brand new swimming pool recently opened. The city of Landgraaf put a strong emphasis on keeping the impact of the pool on nature as low as possible. For example they use heat pumps and solar panels and the pool water is filtered through salt dialysis. 

To ensure an optimal guest experience for every visitor, the city entered into a partnership with AUDAC specialist RB Allround to supply an audio installation. One of the requirements for the installation was to be able to control the volume separately at different locations in the building. In addition, it had to be possible to connect an audio source or telephone at several locations throughout the facility and they wanted a public address microphone to reach all locations directly. With these guidelines in mind, the experts of at RB Allround started the project. 

To meet the project's public address demand, 2 MPX48 public address microphones were installed at the reception, so that direct contact can be made with all visitors at all times. As an audio source, In den Bende uses a ISP40 internet radio player so it has access to thousands of radio stations.  

The complete system is built around a MTX48 4-zone audio matrix that separates the installation in 4 zones and makes sure the speakers produce the right sound where needed. 4 MWX65/B – All-in-one wall panels were also installed in each zone allowing all the employees to simply change the music channel and control the volume separately. 

As a swimming pool is a humid environment, the installers have chosen to use 8 WX802 Outdoor loudspeakers. This loudspeaker is fully water resistant and guarantees a clear and powerful sound reproduction. Not to forget, to ensure an exceptional intelligible audio performance, this is combined with 14 CIRA824 QuickfitTM 2-way 8” ceiling speakers that are installed in other locations. 

The whole system is powered by CAP448 quad-channel power amplifier and CAP248 dual-channel power amplifier. 

After the project was completed, the client had nothing but praise: “An easy, simple but effective system that can be operated by anyone. That's exactly what we were looking for, it’s done perfectly,” 

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