Opglabbeek, Belgium


Sentower is more than just an equestrian center. It offers both professional and recreational riders, tourists, business men and every other visitor a wide range of products and services as well as the opportunity to participate in multiple activities and events within a charming and natural setting.

“To address the technical challenge of providing an audio installation that could serve this many purposes, the owners of the complex quickly decided to go with an AUDAC audio installation which could offer them the needed flexibility” said Ronny Stas from the firm S2 Pro LLC.

The installation is designed in such a manner that both speech and music are clearly audible in all the stands, corridors and restaurants. This being for a total of twenty different audio zones. The biggest challenge was that all these zones needed to be linked to each other.

Thanks to the large flexibility of the AUDAC products the audio installation merged into one single installation. To accomplish this, one chose to work with our M2 Multi-Media Audio Mixers. In total they used four different M2’s divided over three data racks spread across the domain. The advantage of these audio mixers is that they are being linked with each other by a fiber optic network. As a result, it is possible to display all the audio entries from any point; in the bicycle café, the corridors, the restaurant, etc.

Also, fourteen wall panels were integrated into the project. These wall panels make it possible to plug in a local source like a microphone or a CD-player and to adjust volume settings. In addition to this, they can also select the input for the AUDAC M2 mixers on these panels.

For the acoustical challenge the halls presented, the organization put its faith in an EASE study, executed by PVS PLC who defined the comprehensibility in these halls even before they were built. As a result, our PX112MKII loudspeakers were used in the main halls which serves as an arena for the horses.

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