Riga, Latvia

Riga Central Market

The Riga Central market is the largest market and bazaar inEurope. Situated in the capital of Latvia, this structure is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. Using parts from dismantled zeppelin hangars as a basis for its construction in 1930, the 72.000 m² halls have been serving as a market ever since.Our Latvian installer Grupa Muzikala Dizaina installed AUDAC sound in one of these these huge halls. These former zeppelin hangers, their design untouched since they were built, offer quite a challenge acoustically because of their size and smooth surfaces. AUDAC HS208T speakers were chosen because they combine reliable sound reproduction with an exceptional coverage pattern of both 40° horizontally and vertically.The Hall’s 8 ceiling-mounted speakers are powered by a 2-zone CPR12 preamplifier and two 100V CPA36 amplifiers (good for 360W RMS each). PROCAB premade cables were used to connect all the equipment in the rack provided by CAYMON.

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