Almaty, Kazakhstan

Resto Bar 6/45

RESTO BAR 6/45 is a very popular place in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Not every bar or pub has no vacant tables in the middle of the week but 6/45 is full 7 evenings a week. There are four different halls, each with its unique concept: Vanilla hall, Rock hall, Al Pacino and Welcome.Of course, the background music is a big part of these four concepts: you can enjoy relaxing blues music in the Vanilla hall and hard rock music is playing in the Rock hall at the same time.All the content is managed by the powerful AUDAC MTX88 matrix system that divides the music content into four different zones (halls) plus some other (kitchen, WC etc.). The universal wall speakers AUDAC WX502 are in composition with the extraordinary interiors. Colour options allow to put them in one picture with the other interior elements. The speakers cover the whole premise with deep clear sound – no one will leave dissatisfied!This multi-zone solution was developed and installed by the team of, an authorized distributor of AUDAC & Procab in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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