Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Racetrack Zolder

Located in the middle of the Limburg greenery the Zolder race-track is the home of 4 kilometers of asphalt, 10 curves, a daring Sacramentshill and 2 long straights. Zolder’s highly technical track has always created a challenge for man and machine. Annually more than 400.000 spectators from all over the world visit the race-track for events like the 24 hours of Zolder or grand prix races.

When they faced the challenge to renew their entire professional audio system that could collaborate with the roar of the cars on the track, they turned to the same brand they chose for over 20 years ago, AUDAC. Thanks to a close collaboration and a detailed simulation in advance, the FX3.15 3-way active loudspeaker cabinet and the HS208TMK2 full range horn speaker 8" proved to be the perfect solution for a clear audibility over the whole track and in its stands.

The installation includes 5 FX3.15 3-way loudspeakers cabinets together with 66 full range horn speakers  around the track, providing accurate an detailed sound.

To power the FX3.15 3-way loudspeakers in the stands they chose 3 SMQ750 digital power amplifiers.  For all 100V lines around the track, CAP448 multi-channel digital amplifiers are provided. The entire system is tied together with the M2 web based audio matrix.

In total 3 M2’s are linked via optic fibre together with a APM108 microphone.

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