Wommelgem, Belgium

Porsche Centre Antwerp

Ever since the foundation of the luxurious German car brand Porsche in 1931, their main principle was, and still is, to always get the most out of every car they design. They strive to translate performance into speed and success in the most intelligent way possible. The German manufacturer has always been known for its luxurious cars and impressive-looking garages.

In the last few years, Porsche has still been expanding and the car manufacturer realized that exquisite garages need the best sound possible. A first project AUDAC got to collaborate with Porsche, was for the impressive Porsche centre in Antwerp. 

At their showroom you can discover the complete Porsche range: Boxster, Cayman, Carrera, Cayenne and Panamera. By appointment, you can also test drive most models. The showroom was equipped with ATEO design wall loudspeakers to allow potential customers to search comfortably for their new luxury car. The sleek design and perfect sound quality of the ATEO ensured that their audio installation totally fit the image of the brand as well as the interior.

In the repair centre, the mechanics are provided with WX502 universal wall speakers, empowered by 2 CPA24 power amplifiers. The workspace itself was equipped with 2 CHA230 Horn loudspeakers for an optimal sound production. To control the different zones of the Porsche centre a MTX48 matrix system was installed as well. The CMP30 All-In-One digital audio sources accommodates three different kinds of audio sources into one single device and was used to provide each zone of suiting background music.

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