Schladming, Austria

Planai and Hogwurzen ski slope

A brand-new 'sound slope' was realised at the Planai & Hochwurzen ski domain in Austria. To provide the new 600 meter ski run with the appropriate audio equipment, Planai wanted speakers that could endure the Antarctic temperatures while projecting high-quality sound.Realising that these speakers would have to stand up to extreme circumstances, constantly being exposed to freezing temperatures, wind and snow, a research project was launched. The conduction of profound research enabled them to adapt the Audac speakers to the severe conditions of the future sound slope. After the investigation, the 30 AUDAC HS212 speakers that would be installed at the ski run were made more durable by replacing their steel bracket, screws and canvas by stainless steel. The aluminium grill was maintained. These changes were in fact applied to the whole production line of the HS212 series, resulting in rustproof, unbreakable and therefore more solid speakers.Instead of waterproof speak-on connectors, Studer opted for a connection box and cable glands to install the HS212 speakers at the sound slope, ensuring a more stable mounting of the speakers, taking into account the extreme conditions they would have to endure.30 HS212 speakers were installed at the 600 meter long ski slope. Every 40 meter, there's a 8 meter mast with two speakers installed on it. The speakers were attached to the masts with the MBK212 mounting brackets (sold seperately).A couple of weeks after the HS212 speakers were installed at the sound slope, their carrying power appeared to be too big, causing people living near the ski domain inconvenience. That's why the system is now working on its minimum level: 10%. To rule out nuisance and still provide the skiers with music, the masts with speakers will be moved to the other side of the sound slope next season.

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