Waalwijk, the Netherlands

Olympia swimming pool

Indoor swimming pools are one of the harshest environments for an audio system. At the Olympia complex in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, this is no different. Only 4 years after finishing the construction, the owners decided to search for a new audio system that could not only handle these elements better, but would also provide a much better speech intelligibility. They created exactly this thanks to the combination of HS horn loudspeakers and WX outdoor version loudspeakers. To cover the biggest part of the pool, an AUDAC partner installed 2 x HS212MK2 horn loaded 2-way loudspeakers of 12” while the surrounding areas are covered with 12 WX802/OB IP55 rated wall speakers. For amplification they used an SMA750 dual channel power amplifier and a SMQ500 quad channel power amplifier. This choice enabled them to load all loudspeaker presets, resulting in a perfectly balanced and protected system.

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