Barcelona, Spain

Masia CastellArnau

Masia Castellarnau, constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries, comprises a charming farmhouse, a hermitage, and a historic tower. The place serves multiple functions, functioning as a restaurant and hosting weddings and events. Its picturesque gardens enhance the authentic atmosphere.

When it came to selecting a new audio system for the location, their main concern was ensuring comprehensive coverage for the entire area. To address this challenge, they opted to collaborate with Power 94 for a complete AUDAC professional audio solution. The core of their setup is the MTX88 8-zone matrix, ensuring seamless coverage of all areas within the premises. Given that the domain is divided into different zones, having full control over each zone was vital for Masia Castellarnau to maintain consistent sound quality throughout.

AUDAC's MWX65 All-in-one wall panel for MTX series, combined with AUDAC Touch™, proved to be the perfect solution for achieving total control over their audio setup. To power this solution, they employed CAP248 and CAP424 power amplifiers, which were well-suited for the installation's multi-channel output requirements.

The audio installation had to blend in seamlessly with the distinctive appearance of the domain. Fortunately, AUDAC's sleek product design ensured that all equipment matched both the interior and exterior of the buildings, making it an ideal choice. Additionally, considering a significant portion of the domain is outdoors, weatherproofing was essential. AUDAC provided the WX/O series loudspeakers, which boast unique weather protection features, including a drain hole behind the front grill and an improved aluminum mounting bracket, ensuring resistance to adverse weather conditions throughout the year. The speakers offer high-fidelity music and speech reproduction, combining an 8" weatherproof low-frequency loudspeaker with a 1" tweeter.

Now, guests can enjoy the wonderful establishment even more, thanks to the immersive sound experience provided by the professional AUDAC audio installation. 

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