Melbourne, Australia

Elite Football Training Facility

Elite Football Training Facility is a state-of-the-art indoor football complex and is the only facility of its kind in Melbourne, Australia. Boasting FIFA-approved pitches, Elite Football caters for all lovers of the world game, from juniors having their first kick, through to seasoned professionals.

Melbourne-based AV integration experts, Vision One Australia, were asked to supply and install an audio visual system that would meet the needs of this world-class facility, comprising of indoor and outdoor pitches, a gym, training zones, change rooms and of course a bar area, for those important post-match strategy meetings. Together with our Australian distributor Audio Logistics, Vision One Australia made the design and did the configuration of a multi-zone audio solution to meet the venue’s requirements, today and into the future.

It was decided that a complete AUDAC solution would provide the quality and functionality the customer required, consisting of an M2 multimedia digital audio matrix, CAP448 and SMQ350 quad-channel power amplifiers and a variety of loudspeakers to suit the installation requirements of each area of the venue.

The mezzanine gym area sports the best view in the house as a floor-to-ceiling glass wall provides a front row seat to the matches being played below. Gym users are also treated to an enjoyable listening experience as 8 Audac ATEO6 wall speakers and a BASO reflex cabinet 12” subwoofer keep the energy levels high, while a local DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panel allows for connection and control of their favourite music.

Downstairs in the bar, eight of the larger-sized WX802 universal wall speakers are once again paired with a BASO reflex cabinet 12” subwoofer. The construction of the WX802 speakers and their included mounting bracket allowed them to be installed between the roof joists, keeping them almost completely hidden from view, yet still enabling them to be focussed to the desired locations.

A digital graphic treatment has been installed around the entire perimeter of the main indoor pitch and depicts an image of a cheering football crowd, to give the players the feeling of playing in a packed stadium. A graphical image can only convey part of the message, so 4 ASP20 spherical hanging sound projectors were suspended from the roof structure and provide the cheering sounds of the crowd.

The crowd audio track is triggered by a button on an APM104MKII digital paging microphone console, allowing staff to quickly and effortlessly start and stop the crowd if required. The crowd sound files are stored digitally on an SD card and played via the voice-file player built in the M2 multimedia digital audio matrix. This makes it a breeze for the client to update the crowd sounds if required. It’s certainly the best experience anyone can have other than playing in a real stadium.

Since its opening in late 2017, Elite Football Training Facilities have played host to football players of all ages and abilities, including members from the Socceroos, Australia’s international team!

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