Bratislava, Slovakia


Crustino is a crispy patisserie belonging to the gastro giant Medusa group, which is constructed in Bratislava. At Crustino you can find delicious sourdough products from their own craft bakery, traditional cakes and memorable desserts. For some delightful lunches and tasty Italian coffee, Crustino is the place to be. They bake everything in-house with their own sourdough and local flour from the mills. 

Our exclusive AUDAC distributor from Slovakia, G-Tec, delivered an AUDAC installation to Crustino. This was not the first AUDAC project of G-Tec for the Medusa Group, they already delivered a full AUDAC installation to Barrock, a popular rock café. For Crustino they have chosen to install the WX502 Universal wall speaker. These wall speakers give a true-to-nature, high fidelity reproduction of music which helps create the exclusive experience at Crustino. The WX502 speakers are powered by a COM108 public address amplifier. 

All visitors of Crustino will enjoy the exclusive desserts and delicious sourdough products even more with this AUDAC installation. 

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