The Hague, the Netherlands

Café Franklin

Franklin is a super stylish café located in the middle of the Valkenbosplein where wooden tables, a brick wall, nice plants and cool industrial lamps all match perfectly together. In this cool setting where it is all about food and beers, sound quality plays an important role to. That is why the AUDAC partner RF Shows installed a FORTE8.6 set solution that consist of four VEXO8 8” Compact high-power loudspeakers and two BASO15 15" Bass reflex cabinets all powered by just one SMQ750 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier. Thanks to the WaveDynamics™ amplifier the pre-defined configuration of the FORTE8.6 set solution was downloaded from a library and loaded into the amplifier using the USB port.

Photography : © 2016 Sayo Wong

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