Trnava, Slovakia

Bokovka restaurant

At the Bokovka restaurant, located in Trnava city in Slovakia, you can feel the passion for great food and the uniqueness of Budweiser Budvar beer. This makes it the place-to-be for beer lovers and families in Slovakia. With typical appetizers, tasty meals, pizza’s and roasted piglets or chickens on the menu, the high-quality beers brewed from the best local ingredients are a perfect match. But what makes this concept stand out even more, is the entire sound system.

AUDAC’s Slovenian distributor installed the complete AV installation for Bokovka. Inside the restaurant, 16 ATEO6 loudspeakers guarantee the right atmosphere while 6 BASO10 bass cabinets reinforce the ambiance.

4 ATEO4 loudspeakers inside the toilets fit perfectly into this installation, empowered by 3 SMQ350 and 1 SMQ500 amplifiers. The installed MTX48 multizone audio matrix in combination with an MWX45 wall panel allows the restaurant owner to control his system with great ease.

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