Benesov, Czech Republic

Benesov hockey arena

The HC Lev Benesov ice hockey arena is located in Czech Republic and is the home of the HC Lev ice hockey team. They have a national men’s team which plays in the 4th league and several youth teams which use the arena often for trainings and games. The arena has a capacity of 3.000 supporters so every game they can count on many fans. Besides this, the stadium is also used for public ice skating and figure ice skating.

In the tribunes and the ice rink there was a need for a new, high-quality sound system. The main focus was speech intelligibility because this is very important during the games and this was quite a challenge because of the poor acoustics of the arena. 

MusicData, AUDAC’s distributor in the Czech Republic, suggested a complete AUDAC installation that could meet all requirements. They installed 6 FX3.15 High-output cabinets together with 4 FX1.18 Sub cabinets. This guaranteed enough power to provide accurate and detailed sound to everyone and deliver a clear reproduction of speech. All the cabinets are driven by 8 SMQ500 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel amplifiers. They also implemented a CMP30 all in one player to provide them with the right tunes. With the CMP30 they can easily choose between CD’s, MP3 or even radio stations. 

To ensure the safety within the building an APM104MK2 Digital paging microphone was installed to allow vocal messages in the arena. They can keep the supporters informed about the games and in case of emergency spread safety messages. The M2 multimedia digital audio mixer forms the heart of the entire audio installation and ensure the complete audio distribution throughout the arena. With this M2 they are able to control the different zones in the arena. 

Thanks to this AUDAC installation, the ice skaters of Benesov can enjoy their adventure on the ice and the HC Lev Benesov hockey team can play their home games in the right atmosphere.

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