Jablanica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Battle for the wounded on the Neretva Museum

Museum "Battle for the wounded on the Neretva" in Jablanica, is an important cultural location for Bosnia and Herzegovina because it exposes the terrible events of World War II in former Yugoslavia to the whole world. Memories of the anti-fascist fighting that took place in World War II are cherished in this historic location. Bringing these memories to life is accomplished by researching, collecting and interpreting historical sources to the highest professional standard.

From history, one learns and with historical education in mind, the facility develops various pedagogical activities such as tours of exhibitions, history lessons, film projections, talks with war veterans and many others. Over 300.000 people enjoy educational activities every year. Permanent and temporary exhibitions provide a valuable learning resource for this large number of visitors.

To meet the high professional standards, the exhibition centre contacted AUDIO PROJEKT D.O.O in search of a high-quality audio installation. Thanks to the choice for AUDAC, they knew they would add value to the audience's experience. Every guest can fully enjoy educational content through the great sound quality of the 20 ATEO 4 design wall speakers that were very easily installed thanks to the CleverMount™ mounting system. The sleek design of these loudspeakers ensures perfect blending in with the architecture of the building. The whole sound installation is powered by the CAP412 quad-channel power amplifier. 

Due to the distinction between the permanent and temporary exhibitions, it was necessary to ensure that the museum could switch between the spaces at all times and easily. By installing 2 MWX65 all-in-one wall panels in the two different zones and 1 MTX48 4-zone audio matrix, it became possible to fine-tune the audio to every zone. 

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