Istanbul, Turkey

AVM SneakUps

AVM SneaksUp is a retail store in Istanbul, Turkey which offers sportswear for adults and children. This store is located in the Metropol shopping mall in Istanbul on the first floor. The store was looking for the best possible audio solution and so our they were provided with a range of AUDAC products. They chose our AUDAC ATEO4 wall speakers with CleverMount™ system for ease of use and elegance. To complete the full audio experience and give it more body, they installed a AUDAC BASO10 compact 10” bass reflex cabinet. The combination of these two products combined, gives the customers a vibrant and high quality sound experience. 

To power and control all of our speakers they installed a AUDAC EPA254 class-D quad-channel eco-friendly amplifier. This energy efficient stereo amplifier will automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected. For full control and personal customization the AUDAC MTX 48 4-zone audio matrix was installed. This unit gives you full control over the installed AUDAC speakers. Hereby the customer can control separate audio zones in the store. For ease of daily use they installed the AUDAC MWX65 all-in-one wall panel. This panel can control all the provided AUDAC speakers by volume control, input, equalizing and much more. In order to emulate professional installations and neat design, the AUDAC WLI18 wall line input was used to hide any exposed cables.

From now on, future customers shopping in the SneaksUp store in Turkey will enjoy professional background audio from AUDAC.

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