Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Anantara Spa

The Anantara Spa in Dubai has been installed with an audio distribution system from AUDAC. The venue now features three of the manufacturer’s M2 multimedia digital audio mixers and 24 DW5066/W wall panels. The equipment was supplied by local distributor Echo Beats.

‘The customer had 24 zones and they needed to have each zone with its own dedicated audio source, volume control and extra direct input on the panel,’ explained Salem Najjar, business development manager for Echo Beats. ‘With the M2 from AUDAC, you can easily expand to an unlimited number of zones through connecting all the M2’s with the OPT2 optical fibre kit which is installed inside each matrix.’ Three POW2 Class-D amplifier kits which each provide 120W x 8-channel stereo outputs at 8-ohms were installed into Anantara Spa’s M2s.

The white version of the DW5066/W wall panel was selected for the project with one installed into each zone. ‘Using DW5066 wall panels, you can select any input source connected to the M2 and control the volume as desired,’ said Mr Najjar. ‘In addition, the M2 has a free iPad and iPhone remote control app which allows you to easily control all available outputs and inputs from any location on the network.’

The project itself was installed by Platinum Vision with commissioning and supervision of the AUDAC portion done by Echo Beats.

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