Tivat, Montenegro

Almara Beach Club

An exclusive beach club can be found in Montenegro that provides high-quality beach recreation. Located in the Lustica Bay in Montenegro, Almara Beach Club offers the most exclusive wines and champagnes from the region.  They provide an exclusive beach experience with their exclusive restaurant, exotic cocktail bar and for those who prefer to enjoy beautiful nature in privacy, there are exclusive baldachins, luxurious beds and beach chairs.

Almara Beach Club is part of Lustica Bay marina and their vibrant community. Lustica Bay differentiates itself with their approach into creating integrated resort towns and delivering spaces for living to high standards. That’s why the Almara Beach Club consulted the Euro-Unit Montenegro, a certified partner of AUDAC for a  highly professional audio installation to provide their guests with crystal clear sound quality. 

The audio system can simply be configured by the MTX88 8-zone mixer that separates the whole beach club into multiple zones. At the cocktail bar where guests can dance and enjoy their drink, 20 VEXO8 compact high-power speakers were installed. 

The whole system sounds warm and full even at low volumes and thanks to the BASO12 bass reflex cabinet the system is even powerful enough for the cocktail evenings where a DJ takes over from the background music.  

The garden was provided with four of the WX802MK2 and four WX502MK2 outdoor universal wall speakers. Next to the garden is the restaurant, equipped with the ATEO4MK2 wall speaker that is fitted with the innovative Clevermount™ technology. The loudspeakers cabinet flows together with the mounting bracket providing great ease for installing the loudspeaker in one good-looking entity.

Sixteen ATEO4MK2 loudspeakers were chosen for their elegant, modern design and with ease of installation and maintenance. The SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifiers provide the sound system with enough power.  
With this high-quality AUDAC installation, guests can enjoy this unique experience with musical pleasure.

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